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8.2.19 Workout of the Day

8.2.19 Workout of the Day


Chef Nate , July Committed Club Winner


Committed Club: Congratulations to Chef Nate, our July 2019 Committed Club FREE raffle winner and all 20 CrossFit 843 members who checked in 20+ times this month! Please continue to sign in upon arrival for your chance to win a FREE month!

RED Friday's: Continue to support our military by wearing RED every Friday. RED= Remember Everyone Deployed.

Lutzie 5K: The Bluffton Police Department in connection with The Town of Bluffton are hosting a 5K race this Saturday called Lutzie 43. The goal of this race is raise awareness against drinking and driving. The cost is only $10 and the location is at Bluffton Oyster Park. Just show up before 7:30 AM with your $10 and get your run on! For more information, go to

August Endurance Challenge: Before and or after class, get your 2K row on.

Committed Club List:

Yaneth Aquilera

Francis Alvarez

Chef Nate Beriau

Cathy Cavner

Angel Cortz

Kathleen Almedia

Dylan Curtis

Matt DeVita

Ana Laraga

Bianca Luna

Derek Mumford

Tom Ruth

Nate Scalf

Stacy Sullivan

Brad Wegard

Ashley Twinner Whitman

Chelsey Twinner Whitman

Kassie Williams

Courtney Williamson

Christine Wrobel


1.Squat Snatch Stamina
On the Minute x 5:
5 "Touch and Go" Squat Snatches
Same load across all sets. This workout will be repeated.

2. "Hop Scotch"
5 Rounds:
10 Power Snatches
10 Box Jump Overs (24"/20")

Barbell Pounds - 95/65


30 AbMat Sit-Ups, 30 Hip Extensions
20 Weighted AbMat SU, 20 Hip Ext
10 Weighted AbMat SU, 20 10Hip Ext



5 sets for max total reps

1 minute calorie row

1 minute lateral bar over burpees

1 minute KBS (53/35)

1 minute rest

2. Midline+ Cooldown: 3 sets for efficiency

15 glute bridges

20 soulder taps (lf+rt=1)

:30 hollow

200 m light jog

8.3.19 Workout of the Day

8.3.19 Workout of the Day

8.1.19 Workout of the Day

8.1.19 Workout of the Day